Small Furries

It's not just dogs and cats. Rowan Veterinary Centre caters for small furry animals like rabbits and hamsters too.

Help in caring for your pet
Rabbits are prey animals and their natural instinct is to run and hide. They need gentle handling from an early age to become comfortable around humans. Offer your rabbit bolt holes/hiding places. Open spaces with no protection will cause your rabbit to feel under threat. Rabbits that show aggressive behaviour towards you and/or other pets may often be in pain, distress and/or suffering emotionally (stress). Pet rabbits often lack mental stimulation leading to behavioural problems and poor health.

Create a "wild‟ environment – tunnels, tree stumps, unsprayed twigs, compost for digging, platforms for hiding under and climbing on. Rabbits quickly become bored of toys so rotate items regularly to keep them interested. Rabbits love to dig so provide a child‟s sand pit filled earth or sand to prevent damage to the garden. Rabbits are very protective of their territory marking out anything they see as theirs using chin secretions, urine and droppings. These markings also help them to feel reassured as their environment smells familiar.